President Hemmati at Annual Meeting of Iran Insurance Co. 2017/08/07
President: Penetration Rate, Premium, Supervision to Boost 2017/08/02
Dr. Hemmati Elected as Asian Re Chairman 2017/07/03
GIC Chairman Meets President 2017/04/07
SCOR To Boost Ties 2017/03/05
Iranian Insurance Market 2017/01/02
Reinsurance Vice President Superintendent Appointed 2016/12/18
IRAN in FAIR Review 2016/12/07
Munich Re Eyes Iranian Industry 2016/11/23
President Hemmati Visits SCOR 2016/11/18
Seminar on Iran/CAT Risk Management 17-18 Oct. 2016/10/19
Fair Limassol 2016 2016/09/28
New Reinsurance Directors 2016/09/25
Oil & Insurance Joint venture To Protect National Wealth 2016/09/17
Prof. Loubergé, 23rd NICID Keynote Speaker 2016/07/26
Father of Solvency, Member of 23rd NICID Scientific Committee 2016/07/05
New Managing Director Appointed 2016/06/21
Chaired by Dr. Hemmati, Council Proposals Approved 2016/06/13
President Hemmati: Industry to Expand Insurance Culture 2016/06/05
Dr. Hemmati Heads for Asian Re 96th MB Meeting 2016/06/01
Dr. Hemmati: The Dawn of Financial Markets Expansion 2016/05/29
President Hemmati: We Supervise & Support Insurance Industry 2016/05/25
Dr. Hemmati Newly Appointed 2016/05/18
23rd NICID Website Launched 2016/05/03
First Reinsurance Contract with European Counterpart 2016/05/02
“I” Like “Insurance” 2016/05/01
Bimeh Markazi Approach to Define Regulations for GTC 2016/04/30
Tejarat Insurance Co. Licensed 2016/04/26
Iran & S. Africa Seal Deal 2016/04/26
Dual Career Agents Traced 2016/04/25
Ceiling on Death Benefit Insurance Raised to IRR 4 BN 2016/04/25
Direct Insurance Official Brokers Bylaw Approved 2016/04/20
Global Cooperation Reinforced in Feb 2016 2016/04/12
Auto Price & TPL Premium? Irrelevant! 2016/04/06
Supervisory-Regulatory Body & Rising Int’l Interactions 2016/04/03
President Amin’s Nowruz Message 2016/03/14
IRR 107.6 THSD BN Paid Loss in 10 Months 2016/03/06
Insurers & Auto Makers’ Contract on 'TPL Policy Issuance' To Ban 2016/03/05
Bimeh Markazi Donates Ambulances to Aid Traffic Victims 2016/03/05
2016 & Fresh Rounds of Visits 2016/03/01
Engineering Insurance Seminar 2016/02/10
Tehran Hosts Int’l Insurance Top Executives 2016/02/09
Echo Reinsurance Co. Eyes Iranian Market 2016/02/07
Air of Optimism: Europe to Renew Cooperation 2016/02/03
Old Partners, New Ties 2016/01/27
Guide to Foreign Investment in Iranian Insurance Market 2016/01/20
International Prospects of Iranian Insurance Industry 2016/01/14
TPL & Drivers’ Accident Online Info 2016/01/12
Commencement of Cooperation between Green Card Bureau of Iran & Compulsory Insurance Bureau of Azerbaijan 2016/01/12
Marine Paid Loss Rises by 87.17% in 1393 (2014/15) 2016/01/11
Iranian Insurance Industry & International Prospects 2016/01/11
Taavon MB Ratifies Illegally 2016/01/09
IRR 80.8 Thousand Bln Paid Losses in 8 Months 2016/01/03
Natural Disaster Compensation Calls for Triangle of Cooperation 2015/12/19
IRR 735.2 Billion Accident Paid Loss 2015/12/14
Seminar on Aspects of Marine Law & Insurance Held 2015/11/30
Russia Eyes Iranian Market 2015/11/09
Marine Hull Major Paid Losses in 1393 (2014/15) 2015/11/08
Financial Supervision over Insurance Companies, our Top Priority 2015/10/26
Foreign Insurers' Enthusiasm for Iranian Insurance Market 2015/10/26
President Visits Data Center 2015/10/07
21.7% Increase in Paid Loss 2015/10/03
IRR 6,536.3 Billion Paid Losses 2015/09/26
President at General Assembly: Irrevocable Supervision 2015/09/23
New Managing Director for Iran Insurance Co. 2015/09/22
National Brokers’ Performance in a Year 2015/09/01
IRR 1,186.8 Billion Engineering Paid Loss 2015/08/24
Seminar on Principles & Practices of Reinsurance 2015/08/17
Private Sector to Increase Minimum Capital 2015/08/12
Bimeh Markazi to Have Constructive Role in Identifying Qualifications 2015/08/01
Deputy President of Bimeh Markazi Appointed 2015/08/01
Insurers’ Profit /Loss Assessment in 1392 (2013) 2015/07/29
Bimeh Markazi Warns 2015/07/27
Insurers’ Technical & Fiscal Basis for Discount on TPL 2015/07/20
Aim of Supervision, Defending People's Rights 2015/06/28
Official Brokers Network Structured 2015/05/13
Insurance Branches Info System Launched 2015/05/12
Insurance Journalism Exam Results 2015/05/12
Bimeh Markazi Warns Day Insurance Co. 2015/05/12
Insurance Industry Follows Foresight & Hope Cabinet in Inflation Cut 2015/05/12
Personal Insurance Consultative Rating Guideline 2015/05/12
National Insurers’ 9-Month Performance Report 2015/03/02
Minister of Economic Affairs & Finance Visits Our Stand on 22 Bahman 2015/03/01
Bimeh Markazi Donates 31 Ambulances 2015/02/27
Bimeh Markazi Conducts Research for Optimal No. of Agents 2015/02/15
Major Missions of Safety & Loss Prevention General Dept 2015/02/12
1st Vice President at Insurance & Development Conference:Bimeh Markazi to be Reinforced 2015/01/05
Minister at Insurance & Development Conference:Economic Growth= Investments Risk Insurance Coverage 2015/01/05
President: Underwriting is innately customer oriented 2015/01/05
President: Health Evolution Support Committee Formed 2014/12/10
President of Bimeh Markazi:All Insurers Must Adhere to Underwriting Standards 2014/12/10
Foreign Insurers’ Positive View on Iranian Insurance Industry 2014/12/05
Nasco Brokerage Meets President Amin, New Round of Foreign Interaction 2014/12/01
HCI Performance Assessment 2014/10/22
6 Insurers Warned 2014/10/22
UIB Energy Seminar 2014/10/22
PR New Director General 2014/10/22
PR Coordination Council 2014/10/22
Official Brokers’ Revoked & Suspended Permits in Figures 2014/08/30
Nine Iranian Insurers Raise Capital 2014/08/24
Bimeh Markazi Welcomes Transparency in Insurance Industry 2014/08/11
President of Bimeh Markazi Visited Fars News Agency 2014/08/05
President of Bimeh Markazi Visited IRNA 2014/07/21
Performance of Legal Auditors & Inspectors Assessed 2014/06/18
Tehran Hosted 8th International Exhibition of Exchange, Bank,and Insurance 2014/06/16
Scheme of Organizing Sales Network of Insurance IndustryInitiated by Bimeh Markazi 2014/06/10
Inspiring Confidence, Identity of Insurance Industry 2014/06/03
Insurance Companies Protect People's Rights 2014/05/28
President's Message of Congratulations on New Year 2014/03/19
Insurance Industry to Flourish under Special Legislations 2014/03/17
Establishment of Foreign Insurance Contact Offices in Iran 2014/03/05
Covenant Renewed by Economic Policy Makers with Late Imam’s Ideals 2014/02/05
Accurate and Deep Supervision, Top Priority of Insurance Industry 2014/02/01
Transparency of Supervisory Standards in Insurance Industry 2014/01/29
System of Electronic Inquiry Launched 2014/01/29
Tose'e Insurance Company not Allowed to Issue T.P.L. Policy 2014/01/26
Vice President of Bimeh Markazi Visited Quake-Stricken Areas in Hormozgan Province 2014/01/26
Cancellation & Suspension of some Insurance Representatives 2014/01/26
Administrative Violations of Day Insurance Company on the Table 2014/01/15
New Managing Director of Iran Insurance Company Appointed 2014/01/15
Permit of Conducting Representative Exam Issued by Bimeh Markazi 2014/01/13
Forming Independent Loss Adjuster Group is a Necessity 2013/12/17
Endorsement of Insurance Industry Helps Advocate Economy 2013/12/17
Bimeh Markazi Welcomes Lifting Insurance Sanctions 2013/12/01
President of Bimeh Markazi Accentuated Protection of Policyholders' Rights 2013/11/26
Bimeh Markazi Released: Solvency Levels of Insurance Companies 2013/11/11
Growth of Iranian Insurance Market 2013/11/02
Capacities of Insurance Industry Move towards Social Justice 2013/11/02
Orientation of Insurance Industry towards Economy rather than Portfolio 2013/11/02
Iran Presented 3 Local Insurance Companies to India 2013/10/23
Risk Taking of Insurance Companies Should Harmonize with Solvency 2013/10/23
20th National and 6th International Conference on Insurance & Development 2013/10/23
New President of Bimeh Markazi Appointed 2013/09/09
ISO Certificate Extended in Bimeh Markazi 2013/08/27
Taavon Insurance Company Joined Iranian Insurers 2013/08/26
Iranian Insurance Industry Supports its Economic and Social Partners 2013/08/26
To Develop Life Insurance, Bimeh Markazi Supports New Schemes 2013/08/04
Expanding Insurance Culture among Motorcyclists 2013/07/23
Bimeh Markazi's Membership in Committee of EFQM Award 2013/07/21
General Assembly of Bimeh Markazi Held 2013/07/14
Transparency of General Assembly of Bimeh Markazi 2013/07/14
The First Seminar on "Cultural Development from Insurance Activists Point of View" Held 2013/07/10
To Boost Insurance Industry, EFQM Models Are Required 2013/07/10
Coordination Council in Provinces Are Effective & Efficient 2013/07/09
MoU Signed between Bimeh Markazi & Securities and Exchange Organization 2013/07/09
Converting Risks into Securities Fortifies Insurance Companies 2013/07/09
Diversity of Insurance Products 2013/07/02
Authenticity of Issued Insurance Policies Determined by System of Insurance Electronic Surveillance and Guidance 2013/06/30
Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance Appreciated Bimeh Markazi 2013/06/17
Growing Rank of Iran in International Indicators 2013/06/03
New Managing Director of Moallem Insurance Company Appointed 2013/06/02
Achievements of Iranian Insurance Industry Indebted to Islamic Culture 2013/05/29
Alarming Rise of Motorcycle Accidents 2013/05/26
New Opportunities for Iranian Insurance Industry 2013/05/20
Peace & Tranquility; Gift of Iranian Insurance Industry to People 2013/05/20
Institutionalizing Cultural Marketing & Culture of Marketing 2013/05/20
Inauguration of 7th International Exhibition of Exchange, Bank, and Insurance 2013/05/08
Impressive Performance by Iranian Insurance Industry 2013/05/06
MoU Signed between Bimeh Markazi & Ministry of Health 2013/05/06
Iranian Insurance Industry Trusts Itself 2013/05/06
7th International Exhibition of Exchange, Bank, & Insurance 2013/05/06
New Superintendent Vice President of Management Development, Human Resources, & Parliamentary Affairs Appointed 2013/05/01
Director General of Presidential Office Appointed 2013/04/30
Symbols of Iranian Insurance Industry to Be Standardized 2013/04/27
Bimeh Markazi Obtained Independent Publication Permit 2013/04/27
President of Bimeh Markazi Visited Quake-Stricken Areas in Bushehr Province 2013/04/16
President of Bimeh Markazi Met the Staff in New Year 1392 2013/04/09
The President of Bimeh Markazi, a Superior Quality Activist 2013/04/08
Time for New Beginnings! 2013/03/18
Expanding Insurance Culture Needs National Determination 2013/03/17
Iranian Insurance Industry, a Laborious Task yet Sincere 2013/03/13
Coordination Meeting between Bimeh Markaziand Auditors of Insurance Companies 2013/03/12
Premium of Motor Vehicle Third Party Liability Imparted to Insurance Companies 2013/03/11
Inauguration of Fifth Insurance Company on Kish Island 2013/03/11
The First Judicial Complex Specialized in Insurance Affairs Launched 2013/03/05
The First National Conference on Risk Management Held in Tehran 2013/03/03
Bimeh Markazi Received Three-Star Award for Organizational Excellence 2013/03/03
Bimeh Markazi to Support Actors 2013/02/24
President of Bimeh Markazi Honored 2013/02/24
Commemoration of Victory Decade in Bimeh Markazi 2013/02/16
Grounds for Developing Iranian Insurance Industry 2013/02/11
Purity of Iranian Insurance Industry 2013/02/11
President of Bimeh Markazi Met Staff of Supervision Scope 2013/02/03
Allegiance Renewal of Senior Officials of Iranian Insurance Industryto High Ideals of Late Imam Khomeini 2013/02/03
President of Bimeh Markazi Appreciated Scope of Management Development, Human Resources, & Parliamentary Affairs 2013/02/02
Competition within Iranian Insurance Industry in Line with Innovation and Ways of Giving Services 2013/02/02
A Company Specialized in Health Insurance to Be Established 2013/02/02
Competition within Iranian Insurance Industry 2013/01/26
Developing Iranian Insurance Market 2013/01/21
War Veterans Serve Willingly 2013/01/20
System of Insurance Electronic Surveillance and Guidance Unveiled 2013/01/20
National Conference on Risk Management 2013/01/19
Bimeh Markazi to Attend 31st Fajr International Film Festival 2013/01/19
Enhancing Penetration Rate of Iranian Insurance Industry 2013/01/09
A Prayer for the New Year! 2012/12/31
Bimeh Markazi's Best Staff Commended 2012/12/30
A Christmas Blessing 2012/12/25
Bimeh Markazi's Peculiar Attitude towards Sport 2012/12/24
Minister of Justice Appreciated Bimeh Markazi for its Growing Interactions 2012/12/23
Iran Ranks 1st in Produced Premium in the World 2012/12/19
FAIR Secretary General at 19th National & 5th International Conference on Insurance & Development 2012/12/11
Minister of Economic Affairs & Finance at 19th National & 5th International Conference on Insurance & Development 2012/12/11
First Vice President at 19th National&5th International Conference on Insurance & Development 2012/12/11
President of Bimeh Markazi at 19th National & 5th International Conference on Insurance & Development 2012/12/11
Newly Assigned Director General of International Insurance Cooperation Office 2012/11/28
Increase in Produced Premiums of Iranian Insurance Industry 2012/10/30
FAIR Awards 2012 2012/10/28
Iran to Boost Its Insurance Cooperation with Regional Economic Entities 2012/10/09
New Director General of Marine, Hull, & Aviation Reinsurance Appointed 2012/10/09
New Supervision Vice-President Appointed 2012/09/10
Global Ranking of Iranian Insurance Industry Promoted 2012/09/02
IMF Released: Iran Is the 7th Investment Center in the World 2012/08/27
Representative of EFQM & Director of Organizational Excellence Appointed 2012/08/21
Insurance for Foreign Travelers 2012/08/11
Peyk-e Bimeh, a Selected Publication 2012/07/31
The Book on Operation of Reform Plan of Iranian Insurance Industry Published 2012/07/21
Bangkok Hosted 84 Management Board and 6 Shareholders' Assembly Meetings of Asian Re 2012/06/30
New Finance Director Appointed 2012/06/28
New Reinsurance Accounting Director Appointed 2012/06/27
New Training & Development Director Appointed 2012/06/24
Bimeh Markazi to Boost EFQM 2012/06/05
President of Bimeh Markazi Met Staff of Public and International Relations Scope on National Day of Public Relations 2012/05/22
Bimeh Markazi Welcomes Foreign Insurance Companies in Iran 2012/05/20
The 83 Asian Re Management Board Meeting Held 2012/05/08
Minister's Satisfaction of Iranian Insurance Industry Performance 2012/05/08
New Managing Director of Dana Insurance Company Appointed 2012/04/20
Arman Insurance Company Inaugurated 2012/03/25
President of Bimeh Markazi:Insurance Companies Need to Think up New Markets 2011/10/16
Director of Public & International Relations Appointed 2011/09/27
New President of Bimeh Markazi Appointed 2011/09/14
Training Seminar on Actuary Held in Bimeh Markazi 2011/08/08
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