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Bimeh Asia ( Asia Insurance Co.) was established in 1959. The company was registered with the companies Registration Department under 6795 in the same year.
In accordance with an act of the Islamic Revolutionary Council and the Nationalization of Insurance Institutes bill, Bimeh Asia was nationalized in 1980.
The company's activities includes insurance and reinsurance in all fields. It is noteworthy that Bimeh Asia is authorized to perform any activity beneficial to the company's objectives, including establishment of subsidiary companies and purchasing shares of other companies. The company has expanded it's activity throughout Iran during all these years.
Presently Bimeh Asia has 90 branches and more than 1000 agencies supervised by 11 area managers in more than 275 Iranian cities.

Central Building:
No 299, Taleghani St, Tehran, Iran
Tel: (+98 - 21) 8800950 - 7
Fax: (+98 - 21) 8898113
POB: 15815-1885
Postal Code: 1599836511

Public Relations:
No 104, Taleghani - Gharani Crossroads, Tehran, Iran
Tel: (+98 - 21) 8900076 - 7
Fax: (+98 - 21) 8900078

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