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Alborz Insurance Company
Was established in 1959 (1338) by the private sector. The goal of foundation of Alborz insurance company originated from the fact that a private firm could contribute to the development of the domestic insurance industry in life and non-life.
With over 45 years of experience, the company is now well established in the Iranian Insurance market and has grown to become a dynamic and successful company.
After the Islamic revolution the government proposed a bill to the parliament there in after with the parliament approval, all private insurance companies, including Alborz, were nationalized in 1979 (4.4.1358). Regarding the increasingly insurance needs of the society, Alborz insurance company with a basic goal of establishing client confidence and satisfaction has taken some measures to develop new product with excellent security and efficient services.
As a general insurance company, we offer both life & non-life insurance. Our services include various commercial and personal insurance ranging from private motor & home insurance to Fire, marine, aviation, engineering, liability, individual & group life as well as medical and personal accident covers. Considering the company policy to attract the qualified personal, most of the employees are with university degree and professional qualifications.
A substantial progress was made towards the implementation of computer systems for the head office, the branches and a majority of the agents which will lead to reducing the cost ratios, improving the productivity and improving skill of all staffs.
Moreover following some organizational and operational measures in response to clients needs, the company uses the cooperation of 39 branches, 700 agents and 200 brokers through out Iran.
At Alborz, we are committed to delivering high-class services to our customers, which are inline with the development plans & reconstruction period in our country and believe such services are differentiated from other companies who provide the same services.
We are in belief that these measures, taken during recent years, have strengthened our position in both domestic and foreign market and have improved our capabilities indifferent class of insurance business.
Tel : 8903201-9
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