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Parsian Insurance Company , registered as a publicly funded corporation , authorized by the establishment law of private insurance companies and under licens NO.5200 of ICI started its activities with 16 billion Rials in paid up capital.
At the moment the above mentioned capital has increased to 20 billion Rials considering the accumulated profit at the end of financial year 1382.

The fields of Activity:
-Writing all lines of the direct insurance , including life and nonlife branches under the licens issued.
-Obtainig reinsurance cover for issued policies.
-Mutual acceptance of reinsurance from outside of Iran restricted to cases confirmed by ICI.
-Investment using capital , saving , legal and technical reserves.

-Parsian Bank (Public joint Stock)
-Iran Khodro Industrial Development Co.
-Oil Industrial Pension fund investment Co.
-Ayandesaz Pension Fund.

Goals and Objectives:
Providing new services and new managerial and executive patterns following the customer orientation principle in different divisions of Insurance market.
At the mean time, Parsian Insurance Company during its first year of operation has gained over 60% of private insurance market successfully , Besides providing new methods , such as performing Insurance cooperation desks (ICDs) in order to substitute with branches and also integrate the bank and insurance services all around the country.

Different Services Providable by Parsian Insurance Co.

Car Insurance:
-third party liability.
-Accident and passengers.
-Comprehensive car Insurance.

Fire Insurance (Marine)
Cargo Insurance
Liability Insurance

-Employers liability against employees.
-The liability of transportation companies.
-Civil liability of performing construction operation.
-Professional liability of doctors.
-Producers and retailers liability.
-Liability of managers and technical supervisors of medical centers against paitients.
-Liability of managers of buildings.
-Credit insurance for installment selling and purchasing.
-The liability of elevator manufacturers against consumers.
-Liability against neighbors caused by the covered risks under fire policies.

Other liability Plans:
-liability of residential unit managers (like hotel , dorms, … )
-liability of car repair shops.
-Liability of life savers.
-Liability of lessee against lessor.
-Liability of movie producers against production personnel.

Person Assurance:
-life insurance
-health insurance
-Accident insurance

Money in transit and Money in safe
Energy Insurance:
-oil platform all risk
-onshore and offshore piping alol risk.
-Refineries all risk
-Petrochemical installations
-Storage tanks and stations covers.
-Excavation installations all risk.

Number of Agents:
Now a days Parsian Insurance Co. has about 217 agents.
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