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Karafarin Insurance Company is the first private insurance company which has been registered within the framework of Central Insurance of Iran, non-governmental organization (NGO), and business law; with the registered number of 200845 in March 17th 2003. Since getting the license from Central Insurance of Iran Karafarin has been started its activity.

Company’s capital:
The capital of Karafarin Insurance Company is RLS 140,000,000,000 ($17,500,000). %65 of capital has been guaranteed by the founders including Karafarin Bank, Industrial and Constructional groups and high level expert team in Iran insurance industry and %35 has been offered to the public.

Company’s subject:

a) Providing all kinds of insurance coverage including property, life and liability.
b) Accepting re-insurance cases from local, regional, and international pools.
c) Investing through capital credit, technical and legal reserves for supporting insurance activity.
d) Obtaining re-insurance coverage for issuance policies.

Company’s goal:
1- Generalization and expansion of insurance awareness in society.
2- Protect the national wealth and support the industrialists, investors and people.
3- Introduce new and common insurance coverage offering in advanced countries and the ability to present them.
4- Having good working relationship with Central Insurance of Iran and cooperate with foreign and domestic insurance companies and to interchange experience with them.
5- Develop sales and marketing network all over the country.
6- Present the best services to the insured.

Number of branches and agencies:

Number of branches: 5 branches (Isfehan, Yazd, Shiraz, Mashad, Tabriz)
Number of true agents: 16 (agents)
Number of legal agents: 4 (agencies)
In Tehran just central building is active and there is no agency in Tehrana at the moment.

Central building’s address:
No. 9, 17th St. Ahmad Ghasir Ave. Argentina Sq. Zip code: 15875-8475

Address of branches:

Isfehan province: No. 164, Amin building, next to the Tejarat Bank, West Nazar Ave.
Tel: (0311)6280806-8
East Azarbaijan province: No. 2001, Imam Ave., Abressan Crossing, Tabriz
Tel: (0411) 3363264-3369905
Khorasan province: Saad-Abad commercial building, next to the petrol station, Abkooh Ave., Mashad
Tel: (0511) 8412253-8418243
Yazd province: No. 325, opposite of Afshar Hospital, Jomhoory Ave.
Tel: (0351) 5231650-52
Fars Province: Alvand building, Doostan Ave. Ma-ali Abad, Shiraz
Tel: (0711) 6234967-8
Central building Telephone No: 8723830-4
Fax No: 8723840-41


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