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Razi insurance company

Razi insurance company is a private share holding company which after receiving its license from Bimeh Markazi commenced activities within the guidelines of Bime Markazi.
The national demand for having strong private insurance companies prompted its formation and soon our expectations for being one of the leading companies in insurance industry came true.
During the past year which was our first year of operation we succeeded in achieving our planned objectives and we attribute it to a team of highly qualified staff and capable individuals who work closely with customers.
At the present time Bime Razi enjoys having more than 5 branches in the most important provinces of Iran in addition to our central office which is located in Gandi Avenue.
We take pride in being able to service our customers as our partners and as we do believe in enduring relation ship built upon mutual trust and doing our best to satisfy their needs.

Branches are located in:
1/ No.80 opposite oil ministry, Taleghani Street, Tehran
2/ No.1 takGol residential block, opposite sakhteman pezeshkan, toolid street, Isfehan.
3/ No.1 fourth floor, Arian commercial block, Sajad Boulevard, Mashhad
4/ No.19 fifth floor, building no.110, south east corner of Abresan, Tabriz
5/ First floor, Mosala commercial block, golsar boulevard, Rasht.
6/ No.67 shanzdahmetry enghelab street, Ballal Boulevard, Karaj.
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