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Mellat Insurance Company

To issue various types of insurance policies, creating new and modern insurance covering in insurance related fields, the founders of MELLAT INSURANCE Co. have established the largest private insurance co. in country.
Utilizing insurance specialists and experts and huge financial resources provided by founders, themselves investing pioneers and industrial leaders, is the distinguishing feature of MELLAT insurance Co.
It is resources which have made MELLAT the largest driving force in the insurance industry of Iran.

Corporate Info.
MELLAT Insurance plc has been established with the primary capital of 200,000,000,000/- rials (approx. USD 25,000,000/-) and articles of association according to the requirements of Tehran stock exchange to be listed in the stock exchange as soon as possible.
Members Of The Board Of Directors
- Mr. Abdolhossein Sabet as chairman from Civil Pension Fund Investment Company(CPFIC).
- Dr. Masood Hedjarian as managing-director and member of board from Bahman Group plc.
- Dr. Mohammad Talebi as member of board from Tadbir Investment Co.
- Mr.Seied Mir Mohammad Mirmohammadi as member of board from social security organization.
- Mr. Ahmad Ghalebani as member of board from Saipa industrial & manufacturing group co.

Expertise and fields of activity
Bringing together the best minds and the best facilities, founders of MELLAT, understand that insurance is the driving factor of tranquility feeling in our life by bringing greater comfort to daily life, maximizing the efficiency of business and keeping things running across society.
MELLAT Insurance co. provides full range of insurance services to government, banks, investment market, industries, service providers and the private sector.
MELLAT promises modern ways to insure time, investments and human resources for its customers utilizing the most advanced ways and approaches and first rate consulting services guarantees satisfied customers.

Considering the goals of MELLAT Insurance co. the following strategies have been considered:
- To make value added and profitability for the investors to cover the depth of insurance market.
- Partnership with major international insurance and reinsurance companies.
- To contribute government for having safe competition, developing private sector, to make job opportunity, innovation and giving new services and helping to grow gross domestics products (GDP).

Fields of interest
1- To issue various types of insurance policies.
2- Right of resource- recovery.
3- Reinsurance.
4- Education.
5- To issue co- insurance with major international insurance companies.
6- E-insurance.

Headquarters :
Address: No. 4, Chehelsotoon Street, Fatemi Square, Tehran, Iran.
Phone: ++98 21 897 17 86 , 895 64 96
Fax: ++98 21 897 17 87
Vice-President Office:
Tel : +98(21) 8956496
Property Insurance Department:
Tel : +98(21) 8971786
Life Insurance Department:
Tel : +98(21)2018570
Board Office:
Tel : +98(21) 8957867

Europe Office :
Tel: + 44 1483 826794
Fax: + 44 1483 826798
Dr. Ali Taherian:
Tel: + 44 1483 826794


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