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Saman Insurance Company

SAMAN INSURANCE CO. (a member of Saman Financial Group) started its operation under the license of the Central Insurance of Iran in March 2005 with a capital of 200 billion Rials (approx. EURO20m).
Saman Bank, Saman Bank Investment Co., Saman FOREX, Pension Fund of National Iranian Steel Company and Pension Fund of National Iranian Copper Industries Company and a number of investors from the private sector are the founding members of SAMAN INSURANCE Co.
Due to their long years of experience in the insurance industry and capital market and their familiarity with the experiences of developed countries in the world, the managers of Saman Insurance Co. have combined their experience with the latest know-how in undertaking all lines of insurance operations.
They have made their goal the principle of customer orientation and the use of new technology.
Under the guidance of the experienced directors, Saman Insurance's specialized staff with their academic education and a thorough knowledge of insurance, are always trying to keep the interest of their policyholders in mind. They also try to prevent probable loss by offering necessary advice and regular inspection of the insured prior to the occurrence of any loss.
Our mission is to offer first calss customer service to our clients and in order to achieve this goal we train our staff to become expert insurance consultants. At Saman Insurance each client's portfolio is evaluated carefully in order to be able to offer the best solutions for their individual insurance needs. The Saman Loss Prevention team also provides periodic inspection of our insured clients' properties and facilities in order to minimize their risks.
Saman Insurance eanjoys the support of leading Re-Insurers in the world such as Munich Reinsurance Group. Our close relationship with these organizations provides us with the opportunity to not only expand our risk accepting capacities, but also have access to the most advanced know-how in today's insurance world.
It is on this solid ground that at Saman Insurance we can proudly claim to have the ability to provide coverage for all the risks that our commercial clients may face.

Address :113 Khaled eslamboli Ave. 15138 13119 Tehran
Tel : +98 (21) 88700205
Fax : +98 (21) 88700204
Website :
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