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Novin Insurance Company

Date of Establishment
Novin Insurance company is the 18th private insurance company in Islamic Republic of Iran with the registered number of 263461 in 10 January 2006 ,and started its activity after obtaining the License of Operation(number 30881 in 5 March 2006) from Central Insurance of Iran(Bimeh Markazi Iran)

The founders of Novin Insurance company consisting of three groups:
A. Banking and financial(Eghtesad Novin Bank and affiliated companies)
B. Industrial(Tosee Sanayeh Behshare company and affiliated companies)
C.Constructional (Sarmayehgozari Sakhteman Iran company and affiliated companies, Astratoos International Contract company and affiliated companies).

Bimeh Novin Company's capital is Rials 147 billion divided into 147 million one thousand Rials fully paid share.67 percent of it belongs to 18 founders companies and 33 percent belongs to the shareholders which have purchased through stock subscription.

Company’s Subject
A. Providing all kinds of insurance coverage including property,personal and liability
B. Investing through capital, resources and reserves
C. Providing required reinsurance business outward(obtaining reinsurance coverage)

All company’s operations including providing insurance and investing are within the framework of the Act for Establishment of Central Insurance of Iran(Bimeh Markazi iran) and Concerning Insurance Operations, the Act for Establishment of Non-Governmental Insurance Companies, trade law,the rules and by-laws ratified by the Insurance High Council and memorandum of association.

A Part of Company’s Executive Policies in its Services Presentation
- Exact and specific investigations for risk segregation and presentation of appropriate price.
- Regular security investigation during the period of coverage for prevention of insured capital waste.
- The coverage of the real value of subject matter.
- Presentation of proper coverage for the insured’s required hazards with the lowest rate and the best condition.
- Presentation of policy with professional and special conditions and regulations for the preservation of Policyholders and insured’s interests.
- Free consulting for the insured.
- Directing persons who sustain a loss during loss occurrence.
- Accomplishment of expertise,estimation and indemnify the loss in the shortest period of time.
- Utilization of the most skillful experts in the department of issuance and pay loss.
- Utilization of skillful and honorable staff of insurance industry for the presentation of services to customers.

Address: No.19, 21st Street, Gandi Street
Post Code: 1517939611
Telephone:+9821- 88772393-4/88773592-3/88884252-3
Fax: +9821-88789923/88883870


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