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What is the Green Card?

The Green Card is an International Certificate Of Third Party Motor Insurance that is prepared by motorists on a temporary travel to a certain country or countries within the geographical scope of the Green Card System which has to be presented in the event of an accident or at the borders and even, if necessary, within the member countries of the system.

What is the Green Card System?
The International Motor Insurance Card System (called as the Green Card System) is based upon a recommendation of the Economic Commission for Europe (E.C.E.) of the United Nations, which was adopted in 1949.The system came into operation on the 1st January 1953.

To join as a member of The Green Card System
The basic element for the Green Card System membership is the existing compulsory third party liability law in the participating countries.

The Green Card System Members
There are at present forty-three countries participating in the Green Card System [Thirty-eight in Europe and five outside Europe (Iran, Iraq, Tunisia, Morocco, Israel)] and collectively these countries have a total vehicle population of about 220 million vehicles, which travel, within the scope of the Green Card System.

The Bureaux
In each participating country, there is a national Green Card Bureau.
The national Green Card Bureau is entrusted, in accordance with its national law, with managing, checking and taking responsibility for damage caused by vehicles from countries, which are members of the Green Card System.
The national Green Card Bureau acts on behalf of the insurer of the foreign vehicle and it is entrusted with the settlement of claims resulting from accidents caused by the visiting motorists. The national Green Card Bureau supervises on the successful enforcement of the uniform agreement between the bureau (U.A)
All of the bureaux are a member of Council of Bureaux (C.O.B.), which is the Managing Organization of the System.

The national Green Card Bureau Of Iran
Bimeh Markazi Iran (Central Insurance of Iran) operates as The Green Card Bureau of Iran.

Who does issue the Green Card?
Third party motor risk insurers, who are members of the national Green Card Bureau of the member countries, issue the Green Card.
A person who is the victim of an accident (caused by a foreign motorist) in the visited country, can request the assistance of the Green Card Bureau in the country of origin.
Bimeh Iran (Iran Insurance Company) is the unique member of the Green Card Bureau of Iran. Bimeh Iran can exclusively issued Green Card Certificate in Iran.
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