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Adhesion Law
Act of Adhesion of Iranian Government to the International System of Civil Liability Insurance of Land Motor Vehicles against Third Party (Green Card)
(Approved on 1356/03/05)

Single Article: Central Insurance of Islamic Republic of Iran is authorized to establish an Iranian Bureau for International Insurance pertaining to Civil Liability of Owners of Land Motor Vehicles (Green Card) in Tehran and to take required actions for adhesion of that Bureau to the said international insurance system.

All Iranian insurance institutions authorized to perform compulsory insurance operations regarding civil liability of owners of land motor vehicles against third party, are obliged to accept the membership of the said Bureau.

Manner of execution of this law shall be by virtue of the By-Law, approved by the Supreme Council of Insurance.
The said law consisting of a single article, after enactment by National Consultative Assembly in its Thursday meeting dated 5th Khordad 1356, approved by the Senate in its Wednesday meeting dated 25th Khordad of 1356.
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